Connect your device to WiFi

Let's get your Mark II connected to the internet so it can find useful information and learn new skills!

  1. Connect to the temporary wifi network called MYCROFT
    Make sure the phone or computer showing this web page is connected to the MYCROFT wifi network.
    This connects directly to your device. Your WiFi password is never sent beyond the walls of your home.
  2. Refresh this page
    It will take you to a web application hosted by your Mycroft Mark II to finish setting up your WiFi.


Having trouble connecting to WiFi? Unfortunately this can happen as every phone and computer is a little bit different.

I cannot see a MYCROFT WiFi network

In rare cases, the MYCROFT access point is not created successfully. To try again, on your Mark II swipe down from the top of the screen to open the main menu, then select Reboot.

Where do I select my WiFi network

Once connected to the temporary MYCROFT network, your phone will likely prompt you to sign-in to the network. Tap this notification to be taken to the Wifi Connect application hosted on your Mark II device.

If you are connected to the MYCROFT network, you don't get a notification to sign-in, and you have visited this page from the same phone or computer - then something has gone wrong.

If possible, turn off or disconnect any other internet connections for this device. On a phone you can turn on airplane mode, then enable WiFi. On a computer you might need to remove any ethernet cables.

My WiFi network is not shown

In spaces with a lot of competing WiFi networks, it can be hard for Mycroft to find the right one. Try moving your Mycroft Mark II close to your router or WiFi access point for initial setup. After setup, you can move the Mark II anywhere in range of that network.

Need more help?

If you are still experiencing trouble please contact the Mycroft team at: